Who Watt 100

Based on the Hiwatt® DR-103 Brill



Although it might have looked somewhat Marshall-esque from the outside with its black, business like British styling and four EL34 output section, the Hiwatt Custom 100 was a very different beast. When Dave Reeves began prototyping the Hiwatt in 1967 it was with the objective of building the best guitar amp available, period. A look inside a good Custom 100 shows you how thoroughly he achieved that goal (due in part to Reeves’ hiring of ‘mil-spec’ wiring spec Harry Joyce). With their immaculate wire runs, military-grade circuit work, and high-end transformers, Hiwatt amps achieved tones that ranged from multi-dimensional cleans to ungodly aggressive overdrive, all at unprecedented volume levels.

This was the sound that propelled Pete Townshend’s Live at Leeds-era tone with The Who in the late ’60s, as well as David Gilmour’s soaring lead work with Pink Floyd in the ’70s.

Amp with a brilliant chime and unique tone-stack. If you need more gain, crank the drive and master. This amp has a special Master, an additional gain stage between the master volume and the phase inverter, then the model matches this trait.

Reference Videos

50w version

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