Divided Duo

Based on the ÷13 JRT 9/15


(It has his own 2 eq controls, 2 interactive volume controls, no presence, no master)

Fred Taconne, a relative newcomer to the “boutique” amp market, but one that brings several unique twists to his designs, by referencing some of the more unusual tube complements of the past as well as combining unexpected feature sets—all in hand-built amplifiers of the highest quality. The company’s JRT 9/15 is a case in point: using a pair of 5879 pentode preamp tubes (best known for their use in the Gibson GA-40 Les Paul Amp of the ’50s), Divided by 13 creates two differently voiced but blendable channels for a simple yet incredibly versatile front end. Running this through one of two switchable output stages built into the same amp—a pair of 6V6GTs in class A for 9 watts, or a pair of EL84s in class AB for 15 watts—further augments this amp’s voice exponentially. The result is a palette of tones that remind you of the best American “tweed” and classic British amps, while somehow sounding entirely unique throughout their range. A single G12H30 Celestion Speaker.

Each volume controls the two 5879 tubes. One is voiced with more gain and darker, the other is brighter with less gain

Reference Videos

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