Tip: Programming Snapshots

The Helix makes creating snapshots incredibly easy, however, if you find yourself wanting a little direction, here is one user’s prescription.

Originally from jbuhajla on the Helix Forum

1. Create a preset with the core clean tone I am looking for, and add all desired effects in the routing scheme of your choice.
2. Bypass all or most effects.
3. Save this snapshot 1 as “clean-dry”
4. Touch/hold the snapshot FS you just saved, then touch the FS next to it. This will allow you to save your first snapshot into the next FS.
5. Click on the new snapshot 2, add more amp gain or an OD pedal, save snapshot 2 as “Grit-dry”
6. Touch/hold the snapshot 2 , then touch the FS next to it. Save this snapshot in the next FS as snapshot 3
7. Add more OD or Distortion, add more amp gain (turn down amp main volume to balance). Save snapshot 3 as “Overdrive-dry”
8. I then click back to the “Clean-Dry”, touch/hold, then touch the next FS, save snapshot 4
9. I then add reverb, delay, modulation, etc to the original clean sound, and save snapshot 4 as “clean-wet”.
10. I do the same thing for the other snaps

I start with a clean dry tone, and add on from there for each snap. Basically when I am done I have clean, crunch, drive dry and clean snapshots (6 total). I reserve the last two snapshots for any kind of “ambient” or “synthy” sounds I need for that song.

I then save this preset as a “template” and I change out the amp models and cabs for a different sound, but maintain the same work flow. Then you just have to go to each snap and tweak it and save. My set list is filled with presets named for the core amp/cab model they are built around. Those are all my templates for different sounds.

Then when I do a preset for a song, I just pick one of my preset templates with the appropriate amp/cab core tones, then tweak it for the song. I then save the preset as the song title.

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