Tip: Use Expression Pedal as Global Volume Pedal

As long as all your presets have Volume Pedal blocks (I believe almost all factory presets do), you can make the volume pedal global:

  1. Press MENU and then Knob 6 (Global Settings).
  2. Use the joystick to select the EXP Pedals submenu.
  3. Turn Knob 5 (EXP 2 Pedal Position) to “Global.”

Originally posted by Digital Igloo: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?posts/25029007/

Tip: Change Params w/Footswitch

  1. Press and hold the Amp > Gain parameter knob. Helix jumps to the Controller Assign page.
  2. Press Knob 6 (Learn Controller) and then press an unused stomp switch. Set min and max values to goose the Gain by a bit.
  3. Press HOME and repeat steps 1 and 2 for any other parameters (up to 8 per footswitch) that might act like a boost—EQ Highs, Minotaur Level, Gain level, Multi Output Level, etc. Remember, you can also lower parameters by a bit from the same switch—just swap the min and max levels. So if you boost the amp gain and it’s too loud, you can simultaneously lower the Output level to compensate.
  4. Touch-hold the footswitch from step 2 and then Knob 5 (Customize). Custom label the footswitch “Boost” and set the ring color to taste.

Bonus—None of the above uses any additional DSP or block locations.

Tip originally posted by DI and found at: