Major Changes Coming to Helix Help

Hey everybody,

When I first started Helix Help, only the floor and rack models were available. As time progressed, Line 6 introduced many more products to the Helix family (Native, LT, HX Effects, HX Stomp) and Helix Help had begun to show its age under the weight of ever increasing models and features.

This left me at a cross-roads. It had become abundantly clear that the original blog-based platform used to host Helix Help simply was not robust enough to keep up with the ever expanding demands of this reference guide. I needed to be able to react more quickly to Line 6 Helix family product releases, increase the amount of information available on Helix Help, and make it easier to search and quicker to use.

This led me to develop the next version of Helix Help (currently in BETA):

I took some time to research the analytics I received over the years about how everyone has been using Helix Help and discovered that 9 times out of 10, everyone goes directly to the model listings to get quick information about the particular model they are using.

As a result, the first thing I’d like for you to take a look at are the new model listings. You can now filter them quickly and easily with simple query terms (try typing “fuzz” in the distortion effects listing) and you can sort each column of the model listings, either ascending or descending, alphabetically. These new features make the model listings way more powerful and so much easier to use.

The next thing I’d like you to check out is the Helix manual. It is not fully implemented but the amount of information available is ridiculous.

Thirdly, at any time, you can use the search box at the top of the site to quickly access whatever information you are seeking.

Finally, you’re going to notice that the interface of the site has been drastically simplified to make it faster and easier to dive into at band rehearsals/practices.

Again, this new version is still in BETA and probably has some kinks to work out. Much more information and features are planned going forward and I’m excited to get to work. Eventually, others in the community will be able to add and modify information as well.

Once I feel confident that the new version of Helix Help is solid, will become this new version. Don’t worry though, the current version will be re-positioned as a simple blog and will be available from the new version’s navigation menu.

For now, check out the next Helix Help here:



2 thoughts on “Major Changes Coming to Helix Help

  1. Hello,

    First off thanks for the awesome site and all the information you have gathered here. I still access it many times a week for reference on different models.

    I have a suggestion for the new site where I think it took a turn for the worse — I don’t like the card layout on the models page. On this blog site I could easily see what I’m looking for at a glance and click the right model. Now I have to scroll the page a lot to see all the models. Would it be possible to change the web layout so that instead of cards it would be a list/table like previously? I might not be looking for anything in particular, or maybe I don’t remember what I was looking for was called (well, I after a few years with the Helix I now know, but newer users might not) so the search funtion doesn’t really help in this case. Thanks!

    Also, maybe keep the whole navigation tree in the left column instead of the currently selected category (Amp Models etc.) Now there are two methods of navigating, one via the left navigation panel and one from the top bar and this is confusing.



    1. Thanks for the feedback. I think that both of those are good ideas.

      I’ll develop an ability to select between the card or table view for the model listings. Totally makes sense and sorry that the change made it a worse experience for you. That’ll be the next change I roll out. Hopefully I can begin working on that tonight.

      As far as the navigation goes, I’ll see what I can do. It does make sense to combine the two menu but is slightly more complicated just because of the sheer amount of content on the site now. I’ll definitely see if I can make it more user friendly though.


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