Model Subcategories Based On
1 Switch Looper Mono, Stereo Line 6 original (doesn’t leave Stomp mode)
6 Switch Looper Stereo Line 6 Original

Using the 1 Switch Looper:

  1. Add a Looper > 1 Switch Looper block to your preset and assign it to a stomp footswitch. (Adding a 1 Switch Looper to HX Effects from Stomp view automatically assigns it to the selected footswitch.)
  2. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch. The LED lights red, indicating the loop is recording.
  3. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch again. The LED lights green, indicating the loop is playing back.
  4. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch again. The LED lights amber, indicating the loop is in overdub mode. Subsequent presses of the switch toggle between play and overdub mode.
  5. While the 1 Switch Looper is in play or overdub mode, press and hold the switch for 1 second. The most recent recording is undone. Holding the switch again will redo the recording. On Helix, Helix Rack/Control, and HX Effects, “UNDO” or “REDO” briefly appears on the scribble strip. On Helix LT, “UNDO” or “REDO” briefly appears in Performance view.
  6. Quickly double-press the 1 Switch Looper switch. Playback/recording stops and the LED lights white, indicating a loop is in memory.
  7. While Looper playback/recording is stopped, press and hold the switch. The recording is deleted and the LED lights dim white.


  • Existing user presets containing Helix’s classic Looper block will continue to read “Looper” instead of “6 Switch-Looper” until the model is changed and the preset is re-saved. This is normal and does not affect operation.