Select one of eight snapshots to instantly recall all block on/off states, up to 64 parameter values, certain Command Center values, and tempo. Any Delay, Reverb, or FX Loop block with its Trails parameter turned on will spill across snapshots seamlessly. To select a snapshot, press BANK UP and BANK DOWN simultaneously and then one of the middle eight footswitches. For Helix Rack owners who haven’t yet snagged Helix Control (and you should), press PRESETS and turn Knob 5 (Select Snapshot). For more information, check out the new Helix 2.0 Owner’s Manual, available here:…anuals/#effects (available later today)

Snapshot Parameter Assign

To adjust a parameter AND set it to automatically update per snapshot, press and turn the knob. To adjust a parameter WITHOUT it automatically updating per snapshot, just turn the knob like you normally would. If you accidentally press and turn and didn’t mean to, hold BYPASS and press the knob to instantly unassign snapshot control

Copy/Paste Snapshots

While touch-holding the footswitch for the snapshot you want to copy, briefly touch and release the footswitch for the snapshot you want to overwrite. For Helix Rack owners who haven’t yet snagged Helix Control (and again, you SHOULD), select the snapshot you want to copy, press PRESETS, and then ACTION. Press Knob 1 (Copy Snapshot). Select the snapshot you want to overwrite, press ACTION, and then Knob 2 (Paste Snapshot) Swap Snapshots—Touch and hold two snapshot footswitches and a dialog appears, asking if you want to swap their location

Rename Snapshots

Press PRESETS and then Knob 6 (Rename Snapshot) to rename the snapshot to something meaningful, such as “VERSE 1”, “BIG SOLO” or “D. IGLOO.” Snapshot names are limited to 10 characters

Global Settings > Preferences > Snapshot Edits

Determines whether or not any edits made to a snapshot are remembered when returning to that snapshot. “Recall” automatically recalls any edits made to the snapshot; “Discard” forgets any edits made and returns the snapshot to its state when the preset was last saved. You must save the preset to store changes to snapshots regardless. The home screen’s camera icon turns red when set to “Discard.” Shortcut: Hold BYPASS and press SAVE to toggle this setting

Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > Tempo Select

In addition to Global and Per Preset (still the default), Helix’s tempo can now be set per snapshot. Shortcut: Touch TAP to briefly view and set this parameter

Global Settings > Footswitches > Preset Mode Switches

You can now determine whether each row in Preset footswitch mode (upper or lower) selects Presets, Snapshots, or Stomps. The default setting remains the same, but is now called “8 Presets”

Global Settings > Footswitches > Snapshot Mode Footswitches

A new Global Settings > Footswitches parameter lets you set Snapshot mode footswitches as Auto Return (automatically returns to Preset or Stomp footswitch mode after selection) or Manual Return (stays in Snapshot footswitch mode until you press FS6 [CANCEL])

Global Settings > Footswitches > Up/Down Switches

FS1 and FS7 now have three options: Bank Up/Down, Preset Up/Down, and Snapshot Up/Down, available from the Global Settings > Footswitches menu. Shortcut: Press and hold FS1 and FS7 for one second to cycle through Bank Up/Down, Preset Up/Down, and Snapshot Up/Down

Global Settings > EXP Pedals > EXP 1/2/3 Pedal Position

Global Settings > Footswitches > EXP Pedal Position has been split into separate parameters for each expression pedal. For example, EXP 1’s wah position can be recalled per preset, EXP 2’s volume position can act globally, and EXP 3’s reverb depth control can be recalled per snapshot

Controllers to Variax Parameters

Controllers (including Snapshots) can now control/recall Variax parameters, so you can do cool stuff like toggle between two guitar models with a footswitch, control Variax’s tone knob with an expression pedal, assign a momentary footswitch to drop D, recall completely different tunings with each snapshot, and more. There’s nothing special to do; just assign a controller to Variax parameters like you would any other parameter

Per Preset Guitar In Impedance

Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Guitar In Impedance has been moved to the Input > Multi and Input > Guitar In block and is now recalled per preset. It appears at Knob 4 as “Guitar In-Z.” Now that it’s on the Home page, you can assign a footswitch or snapshot to it and adjust how your guitar’s pickups are loaded in real time. The default has been changed to “Auto.”

MIDI Recall Indicator

Press PRESETS to open the Setlist menu. Dark text appears above Knob 2 and displays the necessary MIDI messages required to remotely recall the current setlist, preset, and snapshot so you don’t have to go digging through the manual.

Reference Video