SV Beast (Nrm & Brt)

Based on the Ampeg® SVT®


No Master, No Presence

The Ampeg SVT is a bass amplifier made by Ampeg. The SVT, which stands for Super Valve Technology, was designed by Bill Hughes and introduced in 1969. The SVT bass head produced 300 watts at a time when most amplifiers made less than 100. The SVT has been through many design changes over the years but is still in production today. The SVT head was initially coupled with a pair of sealed 8×10″ speaker enclosures because one cabinet could not handle the power of the SVT. Later on Ampeg updated the speakers in the enclosures so that one cabinet was sufficient.

For 30 years now, we’ve heard the tone and felt the power of the mighty Ampeg® SVT® that model is based on. This workhorse has appeared on innumerable recordings and arena stages worldwide – there is no equal to the original SVT®  of pure tube magic. The SVT® set the tone, punch and arena-rattling standard for all future big gun bass rigs. Its users have included everyone from The Rolling Stones to Van Halen, and pretty much every “rock” bass player in between. We selected a 1974 Ampeg® SVT®, and we’ve also given you a 70’s SVT 8×10 speaker cabinet to pair it with. The sonic combination of this head and cab is beyond big, but you had to pray that your bandmates would help you move it! Thanks to line6, you can now get big classic rock bass tone without frequent visits to the chiropractor.

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