German Ubersonic

Based on the Bogner® Überschall®


Plenty of amps have fought it out to be baddest of the bad in the high-gain stakes, but the Bogner® Uberschall is as heavy, mean, and downright evil sounding as they come. With a whopping four 12AX7s worth of preamp gain, plus two more for FX loop and phase inverter, rammed through a quad of EL34 output tubes, the Uberschall (German for “super sonic”) was designed to be Armageddon in a box. A take-no-prisoners distortion machine for the most aggressive shred and nu-metal players on the planet. In addition to its unprecedented levels of highly saturated gain, this amp packs the eviscerating bass response needed to put this kind of music across on the big stage.

This model is reminiscent of an 800, modded for heavier, grinding lows and what some call insane gain.

The presence knob on the Bogner Ubserschall is more like a contour, affects most of the midrange as well.

Heavy grinding lows and insane gain, it could be too boomy (low cut). From Real Amp manual: starting point control values, gain 60%, bass 60%, mid 60%, Treble 60%, Presence 60%.

Keep the Master volume low (5 or less). Turn up Presence, add Mids
Bogner manual: “One of the most unique items is our “Presence” control. It’s an amazing combination of a midrange-presence control. As you sweep through its range you will notice an incredible variety of tones this one control allows. For an extremely aggressive sub-harmonic bass and scooped-midrange sound, keep the presence off or very low. A huge 3-dimensional tone can be found by running the presence around 2 o’clock. Pushing the “Presence” control to maximum will allow you to cut a sonic path through the mix by reinforcing your midrange and slightly rolling off the sub-bass. Trust us: REALLY check out the presence control to unleash the hidden secrets of the UBERSCHALL. The “Midrange” control is very interactive with all the other tone controls, you can go from a hollow scooped-mid setting to an aggressive in your face and on your throat kind of intensity. The “Bass” control allows almost a sub-harmonic low-end to be added, at high volumes be sure to keep the bass down a bit to keep your tone focused like a laser beam”

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