Top Secret OD

Based on DOD® OD-250



The DOD OD-250 Guitar Effect Pedal is one of the most well-known overdrive pedals in the history of rock music. It’s famous for its ripping, crunching guitar tone and for providing tons of boost along with the instant ability to push an amplifier into breakup mode.

Just two controls provide a huge tonal palate and face-melting boost. Gain controls the amount of overdrive, ranging from the slightest grit to a powerhouse grind. The Level adjustment increases output, which can be used to push any adjustments made to your amplifier’s or pedal’s settings. For example, when you turn the Gain setting all the way down, crank up the Level to jack up your volume and cut through during your solos. Alternatively, just crank both knobs to produce driving sounds to match hard beats.

The 250 is a great addition to either tube or solid state amps or a preamp. It targets the upper-mid frequencies of a tube amp’s signal to create grinding output that is portable to many music genres. When used with a solid state head, it provides stronger signal power, thus making the output optimized and ready to send through several other pedals or any other audio effects system.

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