ANGL Meteor

Based on the ENGL® Fireball 100


Mid boost
Great for aggressive, drop-tuned riff work, Based on* 2009 ENGL® Fireball 100 (German) Designed to redefine the stereotypical “shred” sound and dial in a more musical lower-midrange and bass response, the ENGL Fireball 100 has become one of the new standards of contemporary rock and metal. Using a quad of 6L6 output tubes for mammoth lows and gut-thumping punch, and four 12AX7 preamp tubes for scorched-earth gain levels, the Fireball 100 nevertheless brings great refinement and articulation to this aggressive genre, boasts surprising versatility, and has earned its keep in the rigs of Ritchie Blackmore and Steve Morse.

Since the Treble and Presence control knobs sweep through different frequency ranges and influence
the signal at different places in the amp’s internal signal chain, you can dial in different combinations
of treble and presence settings to come up with many interesting sonic variations.

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