US Double (Nrm & Vib)

Based on the Fender® Twin Reverb®


(No Presence, No Master)


An all-time classic of biting twang and shimmering clean tones, the Fender Twin Reverb first hit the scene in 1964 and quickly became the standard for large, fully featured touring combos. Everybody used it, from jazz and country players to serious rockers. With 100 watts of power, 2×12” Jensen speakers, and lush onboard tremolo and reverb, the Twin Reverb has remained a go-to amp for countless players for going on five decades, and has earned its place in the annals of tone history many times over. Played clean but singing with a Telecaster, this is the sound of Roy Buchanan; cranked with a Les Paul, it’s pure Michael Bloomfield. It never gets extremely overdriven and dirty, mostly just louder–a lot louder.

Double NRM: The Normal channel is the mellower of the two, with less gain than the Vibrato channel.

Double VIB: The Vibrato channel is a separate preamp circuit with clipping characteristics that are different than the Normal channel due to an additional 12AX7 tube stage.

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