Line 6 Badonk

Line 6 Original inspired by the original high gain Big Bottom model


line 6 original amp

To create the Line 6 Badonk, the Big Bottom model from the XT code was rebuilt using new tools so that the overall EQ and pre-post distortion filtering matched. The previous tone stack was a little limited, so it was tuned up to have more range and provide a realistic, interactive response.

To make this model feel more like a full amp, the power amp from the Fatality model (mesa rectifier mod) was added then tweaked slightly to reinforce the overall EQ curve of the Big Bottom.

Tone Secret: The Big Bottom does not have a crap-load of low frequency. Instead, it is an amp with a slightly more than average amount of low end that can really hold together while being fed a lot of low frequency. It holds together well with heavily detuned guitars.

Line 6 Litigator

Line 6 Original inspired by boutique mid-gain amps


line 6 original amp

Smooth-overdriving, easy to play, boutique mid-gain.

The “Litigator” was born not constrained by making a model that matched a real world amp. It started from a Fender place like so many of the boutique amps, moving the tone stack to a different location later in the circuit and also tone stack cap values and ranges (wasn’t constrained by the real world, low pass and high pass filtering before each of the gain stages). driving knob adjust frequency responses in various places in the circuit (fine tuning the knees of how the individual tube stages entered clipping). Tuning the power amp to make it distort in an idealized way. Adjusting the sag so that it reacted in a ideal way.

Based on a heavily modded Fender and then hammered on and tweaked. It wouldn’t be impossible to make in the physical world, but it might get a little messy. removing a lot of the noise and irregularities that people find unpleasant, but adding just enough of the wrong things so they enhance without being a distraction. It’s like a vintage amp with movie magic color correction and hyped depth of field.

Like a dirty Vintage Deluxe, dumble-esqe, very smooth, mid-gain, edge-of-breakup model. In the same general neighborhood as the Pete Anderson Deluxe model that was in the HD model packs, but with more gain on tap.

Low Overdrive type amp in the Helix to give me a usable sound right out of the box, sounds awesome with the Stupor OD drive distortion.

Line 6 2204 Mod

Line 6 Original based on a Hot-rodded Marshall® JCM® 800.


line 6 original amp

Hot rodding would usually entail internal modifications to the amplifier.
This could just be changing the odd resistor/pot/cap value to change drive levels, tone etc…

Or it could actually be a change to the signal path itself, such as adding and extra gain stage or wiring two different inputs in parallel on older Marshall amps. Marshall with extra gain mod.

The original intent of the term “modded Marshall’ was to achieve the added gain without resorting to a pedal. For instance GnR album Appetite for Destruction, was recorded with a Hot Rodded JCM 800.

Hot Rodded Marshal JCM example, 12ax7 (ecc83) added, using triode: