Brit P-75 (Nrm & Brt)

Based on the Park® 75


(no master), brightness=presence

Manufactured by Jim Marshall from the mid ’60s until the late ’70s as a means of circumventing an exclusive English distribution deal for the amplifiers bearing his own name. It got its name from the dealer Johnny Jones’ wife’s maiden name, Park. These amps have become legendary in their own right, but none has quite attained the status of the beefy Park® 75. Although they were usually based loosely on circuits used in classic Marshall amps, Park models were often given clever new twists, such as the increased front-end gain in the 75 and the use of military-grade KT88 output tubes rather than the traditional EL34s. Our specimen comes paired with a 1973/74 speaker cabinet loaded with four Rola Celestion G12H speakers. Add it all up, and it’s a sizzling, crunchy plexi-style tone like nothing you’ve ever heard before, equally adept at classic British blues-rock and contemporary grind.

Brit P-75 NRM: The Normal channel is the mellower of the two, with less (as you’d expect) brightness and gain than the Bright channel.

Brit P-75 BRT: The Bright channel utilizes the second half of the first preamp tube (the Normal channel uses the first half only) for a different voicing. High frequencies are increased due to an inter-stage high-shelving filter.

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