Del Sol 300

Based on Sunn® Coliseum 300


Sunn Coliseum 300 Head.

Solid state amp made in the USA.

300 Watts @ 2 Ohms. Also works into 4 (200W) and 8 Ohm 120 w cabs.

Compresor 2:1 ratio

Contour 6 db 60;  3db 500 hz; 6 db 4khz


Eleconic corssover: from 100hz  to 1khz

It sounds very warm and close to a tube amp sound.
The EQ controls give loads of different tone options

More compression is possible with the gain control

Old SS amps have a raw warmth and character

It’s got a great strong tone, and the eq is extremely flexible and powerful.There are filters “in between” each band of the EQ, so they don’t effect each other. You can boost the 62.5hz, and not effect the 125hz, so on. Which is the exact opposite of say, the Fender tone stack, where you turn down the mids to turn up the other stuff.

lobass  62.5 hz  –>  fat

bass 125hz

hibass 250hz  –> punch

low mid  500hz  hollow

mid 1khz and himid 2kz  presence and snap

hi 4khz  metallic and brittleness

These were made from about 1981 to 1985,  Fender bought SUNN.