Getting started

I received an email asking for help getting started with the Helix and it got me to thinking about how I was able to dive in back when I first got this unit.

A great starting place is the Line 6 Helix channel on YouTube. They have a great many videos that are easy to follow and provide nice variety.

From there, check out The Helix Channel and any other video resource that you can find, such as videos by Pete Thorn.

Once you get the basic grasp of moving around the interface (which doesn’t take long), you’ll find yourself more focused on the particular sounds you want.

Once you get to that point, start reading up on how a guitar was recorded on a particular track you like, then, using the Helix, copy it.

Nine times out of ten, you can get the sound you are going for by just reading about how a guitar was recorded then emulating it.

If you want to do less research, lookup your favorite guitar/bass players on EquipBoard and see what gear they use. Now, create a preset with the gear they have listed. You’ll instantly be in the ballpark of the sound you want.

I hope that helps.

How did you all get started with the Helix? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.