German Mahadeva

Based on the Bogner® Shiva


based on 6L6 Model, channel 2

6L6 models are 60 watts and have a touch more lowend/highend extension that’s more American-style.

The beauty of the Shiva is that it takes what Marshall did in the ‘70s and ‘80s and adds some modern appointments so that the user can achieve tones ranging from classic rock to heavy metal (the utilization of the boost feature works wonders here).

One thing is constant, though: Swirling notes. It is hard to describe, but the Shiva has a midrange character that results in what sounds like a light swirling of each note and chord that creates a very harmonically rich tone.

Bogner around noon (50%) are dark, it’s like turning the treble way down on a Marshall. The treble knob at 50% on a Bogner is equivalent to the treble knob at 10% on a Marshall. If you turned the treble up to 8 or 9 it would sound a lot like a Plexi.

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