Mail Order Twin

Based on the Silvertone® 1484


No Master, No Presence, No Mid

The Silvertone 1484 was manufactured by Danelectro for Sears and sold under the Silvertone brand. . These amps have recently surged in popularity because of their use by Jack White, Beck, and anyone else who wants great tone. The smooth drive to hard crunch will please just about any guitar player out there. They’re dynamic but also have this different vibe that encourages experimentation and creativity. The sexy, cold war era styling is just the beginning.

It has become the in-demand Silvertone amps of the current era. Onstage and in the studio, the awesome and unique tube sound of the 1484 proudly powers the punch of some of today’s best rock.

60-watt (2 6L6GC Power tubes) amp boasting “clear, mighty sound!” The catalog listing advertised this amp for guitar or bass usage (Frequency response 40-15K Hz). , and had all the amenities you could want in a medium sized (and priced) package: reverb, tremolo, two channels (bridgeable for even MORE crunch!), two matched 12-inch Jensens Special Design (C12Q). Some great sound hiding under that mild-mannered exterior. 6 pre tubes, 5 silicone rectifiers 12ax7, two 6CG7 of 6FQ7. V3 (which is a 6CG7 cathodyne PI). A lot of the characteristic sound of these amps comes from the phase inverter.

These amps are famous for their nice smooth overdrive but they’ve also got a sweet clean tone at lower volumes.

Introduced: 1963, Retired: 1967

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