Acknowledgments & Thank You

Hello fellow Helix users,

Helix Help’s original intent was to be an easy-to-use resource that contained all of the information that I was looking for relating to guitar tone and my Helix. Despite being a selfish endeavor at first, I realized having it community driven would be more useful over time.

With that in mind, I set it up as a wiki that could be edited by all users. What I found however is that most people visiting were just looking for answers and didn’t really want to fuss with writing new content. They just wanted a better way to get to the information they were seeking (who could blame them… I wanted the same thing).

As a result, I decided to switch over to a blogging platform. This allowed for better searching, categorization, and tagging. When I did this, my hypothesis was correct, and I found that Helix Help’s daily visitor count had jumped dramatically overnight. This was awesome, however, I’m one dude, and many new tips, suggestions, requests, and feedback began to fly into my inbox (which is pretty awesome, still, but a lot of work for a passion project).

The vast scope of this guide and its constantly changing state makes it extremely difficult to acknowledge and thank every single member of the community that has helped Helix Help become what it is today (and will be in the future). Please know that your contributions do not go without my deepest thanks.

While perusing Helix Help, if you come across a post, a tip, or something else that has been provided in one of the various forums across the internet, please comment with a direct link to that forum post and give the author their much deserved kudos. Even if they are not the original provider of that information, the knowledge share is what is important and we should all be very thankful we have such amazing users of this guitar tech.

With all of that said, I want to send a few shout-outs to users that have been especially helpful in finding tips and gathering resources for me over the past year. If I’m posting your actual name, I will not post your last name (unless you contact me and ask me to do so). As an alternative, send me you forum username and I’ll use that instead.

  • MusicLaw
  • Andreas
  • Benifin
  • Amsdenj
  • Duncann
  • DunedinDragon

Here are some good resources to check out regularly if you don’t already do so:

Thank you all very much!


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